WHITE, William Henry

Oil on canvas, 35 1⁄4” x 25 1⁄4” signed upper right ‘A. Muller-Ury 1905.’

The Lotos Club, New York.

New York Herald, November 26, 1905

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The sitter was born in 1844 and died in 1904.

The New York Herald, November 26, 1905 stated that the Lotos Club was the recipient of this picture. It was painted posthumously from a photograph published in Speeches at the Lotos Club, 1901, edited by John Elderlin, Chester Lord and Horatio N. Fraser, opposite p.108. Muller-Ury was elected to lifetime membership of the club in 1902.

I am grateful to Nancy Johnson, Archivist at the Lotos Club, for this information.