WERTHEIM, Mrs Henri P. (Clara Dorothy Wolff)

Present Whereabouts Unknown.

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Clara Wolff (1876-1903) was the daughter of banker Abraham O. Wolff who lived at 33 West 57th Street. She died in childbirth at her home, Cedar Court, in the Normandy Heights area of Morristown, New Jersey, a twin-villa house built by Carrere and Hastings next door to that of her sister Mrs Otto Kahn in the style of the Villa Medici in Rome; the baby died two hours after the birth and she did not regain consciousness. Her sister, Mrs Otto Kahn (Addie Wolff) (see: New York Times, August 16th 1903), shared in her father, Abraham Wolff’s estate of $7 million when her husband and Henri P Wertheim were finally given probate (after a taxation case) in 1903.

In an undated letter in the artist’s papers, but from 1902, written from Cedar Court, Morristown, New Jersey reads as follows:

Dear Mr. Muller-Ury,

We have just hung the picture and it looks perfectly fine against the red. I think the likeness is wonderful – it really is exactly like my “mug”, and it is one of the most lifelike portraits I have ever seen, I am really awfully pleased with it and so is Harry, and we thank you most sincerely for the kind thought which prompted you doing it. I never though I would like my own portrait but now I find that I am tremendously pleased with it. You must come down soon and see how well it looks hung. –

      With cordial regards and renewed thanks

                I am, Very sincerely yours, Clara W. Wertheim.’

From this letter it may be surmised that Muller-Ury painted Mrs Wertheim as a present, possibly as a pair to the portrait of her husband.