WALKER, Mrs Robert J. C. (Anne Maria Weightman; Later Mrs Frederic Courtland Penfield)

Present whereabouts unknown.

M. KNOEDLER & CO., 355, Fifth Avenue, (corner of Thirty-fourth Street), New York, January 13 – 22, 1908, No. 10, as ‘Mrs. Walker’.

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Anne Maria Weightman (1841-1932) was the daughter of Dr. William Weightman Sr. of Philadelphia, head of the chemical firm of Powers & Weightman, and was first married to a lawyer called Robert Jarvis Cochran Walker (1838-1903), of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, on April 8, 1864. When her father died aged ninety-one, his two sons and son-in-law had all predeceased him, and his daughter therefore inherited about $60 million. On February 26, 1908 she married diplomat and author Frederic Courtland Penfield in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York, which Muller-Ury attended. To celebrate her wedding she gave $1 million to charity. Before her second marriage Mrs. Anne M. Weightman Walker had commissioned Muller-Ury’s first portrait of Pope Pius X in 1907, which was first exhibited with this portrait at Knoedler’s gallery in 1908. Muller-Ury also painted her portrait with her niece for her niece’s husband Richard Waln Meirs, and a posthumous portrait of her father. She died on February 25, 1932.