Portrait of an Unknown Little Girl

“A little girl with golden hair massed in curls about her round pink face, and falling to her shoulders, looks with great brown eyes straight to the front, her figure turning slightly to the left, She is in a short sleeved white frock and carries in her small arms a big bunch of white roses.
Signed at the upper right, A. MULLER-URY, 1896.
Height, 24 ½ inches; width 20 inches.”

Present Whereabouts Unknown.

Mrs. Emelie de L. Havemeyer (Widow of the late Theodore A. Havemeyer) sale, American Art Galleries, Madison Square South, New York, Wednesday evening, 8p.m., November 18th, 1914, Lot 44. Unsold?

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Mentioned in an anonymous cutting in the artist’s papers in 1914, which must refer to the sale of Mrs Havemeyer’s pictures which were mostly European salon paintings, as it says ‘…Muller-Ury is about the only American artist represented.’