KOHLER, Mrs Charles J. (Margaret Vera [Veronica] Byrne)

Apparently a full-length in evening dress.

Present Whereabouts Unknown.

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The sitter was born on 29 September 1872 in New Rochelle, and died 1 July 1937; she was married in 1893 to Charles J. Kohler. Her father was William C. Byrne of New Rochelle.

In his diary for September 25, 1932 Muller-Ury indicates that he went to see Mrs. Kohler, who welcomed him warmly and spoke of her three married daughters, Olga, Rita and Vera.

Mrs. Rita Mathews, the sitter’s grand-daughter, informed the editor that the portrait may have been sold with the contents of her Palm Beach home after the sitter’s death in 1937.